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NEXT EVENT HAPPENING January 16, 2019!

HamburgAI #7 on January 16th, starting at at 6pm

HamburgAI gatherings are quarterly, three hour events for Artificial Intelligence practitioners focusing on lessons learned applying AI. Book your tickets on Eventbrite now! Seats are limited – first come first serve. The event is supported by the HamburgAI ambassador collectAI.


15min talks of industry peers sharing insights and actionable advice based on hands-on experiences applying AI. Check out our next Hamburg AI speakers.


WeWork Stadthaus, Hamburg


Peer-to-Peer sessions on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to connect with new and leading practitioners in your technology realm. Join to increase your network.



Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

We're open for Speaking Submissions! Speakers:


Artem Budishchev

Senior Data Scientist, collectAI

Artem supports our data-driven decision making processes bringing in two years of experience in Data Science at the fintech Kreditech and a year as a web developer. Prior to moving to Germany, he studied at the VU University Amsterdam. He there worked on explanatory and predictive modelling for environmental research. Artem is passionate about building predictive models, as well as drawing insights from the data. In his free time he enjoys reading, trying out new exciting machine learning algorithms and playing computer games.

Steve Emecz

Steve Emecz

collectAI, CCO

Steve has been in e-commerce and payments for two decades in various leadership roles. He brings in a startup background from fintech and e-commerce, as well as blue chip tech experience focussing on omni-channel and digitisation strategies. At Xerox he was responsible for revenues in excess of $300m. His specialties include indirect channels, partner strategy, e-commerce, mobile payments and scaling. Prior to joining, he has been working on mobile engagement and payments for the past seven years. Steve is a known speaker, business mentor and advisor to several businesses. He himself has built a global social enterprise publishing business MX Publishing which supports projects in the UK and Africa.

Past Events' Speakers:

Björn Goerke

Björn Goerke

CEO, Gpredictive

Björn is one of the founders of Gpredictive. Together with his team, he has made it his mission to democratize AI. Every company should be able to deploy and scale AI. Björn has been working with samples of customers for 15 years. Ten years ago, he started using his knowledge as a consultant. Nearly five years ago, the decision was made to develop an SaaS solution. Today, the product is mainly used by eCommerce companies and publishers, but also by utilities and insurers.

Sebastian Tiesler_lächelnd 2

Sebastian Tiesler

Head of Product, figo

Sebastian Tiesler has been responsible for Figo’s products and their development, technical account management and support since January 2015. He benefits from his extensive banking and payment expertise and his know-how in mobile banking and financial solutions. Until the end of 2014, he was Head of Mobile Solutions at Star Finanz, a subsidiary of the German Sparkasse Finanz Informatik.


Roland Becker


Roland Becker is a passionate advocate for the use of artificial intelligence to unlock human talent. Roland has founded 5 companies and has over eighteen years of professional experience in the digital economy, thereof twelve years in management positions. He is a Deep Learning and AI Engineer and holds a master’s degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Hamburg. In 2018 Roland has been selected as IBM Champion by IBM and as RasaHero by He is a proud dad of three children and loves to go surfing in his free time.

Speakers from previous events were:

  • Kostas Papakonstantinou – Kreditech
  • Dr. Matthias Rettenmeier – Zalando
  • Stephan Uhrenbacher – AI Investor
  • Florian Müller – Tchibo
  • Dr. Dirk Michelsen – IBM
  • Dr. Daniel Pape – Codecentric
  • Christo Zonnev – Interone
  • Dr. Robin Kiera – Digital Transformation Expert
  • Dr. Tereza Iofciu, Data Engineer – mytaxi
  • Nils Grabbert, VP Data Science – enfore
  • Fabian Abel, Director Data Science, XING AG
  • Prof. Dr. Chris Biemann, University of Hamburg
  • Dr. Lars Schwabe, Associate Director, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Our Team:

collectAI, Elda, Headshots_PIX_0326_(30 of 454)

Elda Dedja

Head of Account Management, collectAI

As part of the organising team, Elda initiated the HamburgAI partnership and is therefore an invaluable member.

Photo Anna Friedrich_collectAI 201712

Anna Friedrich

Head of Marketing & Communications, collectAI

As the messenger of HamburgAI, Anna is in charge for the speaker selection, program set-up and all Marketing related matters.


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