HamburgAI #2 on September 13, starting at 6pm!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our Speakers:


Nils Grabbert

VP Data Science, enfore

Dr. Robin Kiera

Dr. Robin Kiera

Digital Transformation Expert

Tereza Iofciu

Dr. Tereza Iofciu

Data Engineer, mytaxi

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Miroslav Zoričák

Machine Learning Engineer, enfore


Program Highlights:

  • Behind the scenes: How Financial Services and Insurances deploy AI – or not // Dr. Robin Kiera – Digital Transformation Expert
  • Taxi demand in Hamburg – A case study // Dr. Tereza Iofciu, Data Engineer – mytaxi
  • Chatbots // Nils Grabbert, VP Data Science & Miroslav Zoričák, Machine Learning Engineer – enfore

Our Team:

collectAI, Elda, Headshots_PIX_0325_full_(5 of 57)

Elda Dedja

Head of Account Management, collectAI

As a team member of collectAI, Elda is also the chief organizer of HamburgAI.

Anna, collectAI, Headshots_PIX_0949-Bearbeitet_(1 of 1)-2

Anna Friedrich

Head of Marketing & Communications, collectAI

As the messenger of HamburgAI, Anna is in charge for speaker selection, program set-up and all Marketing related matters.

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